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Mpact® Systematic Troubleshooting  and Team Building
This unique course gives you a process that provides the skills to solve and prevent problems consistently and effectively and far faster than the “shotgun” approach. The 16-hour course focuses on case studies to give multiple opportunities to hone skills. All students attending can apply these new skills as soon as they return to their facility, reducing the time and cost required solving problems and thereby reducing downtime.

Mpact® Technical Skills Knowledgebase For Assessments And Online Classes
Technical Skills Knowledge-base. Assessments To Identify Skill Gaps.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Workshop
MPACT’s workshops offer fundamental explanations of geometric symbols, tolerance zones, and limitations. They also include a comparison of GD&T to coordinate tolerancing; an explanation of tolerance zones; Rules #1 and #2; form and orientation controls; tolerance of position; runout and profile controls. Newly acquired learning is reinforced throughout the class with practice problems and workbook exercises.

Mpact® Online Hands On And Assessments


Curriculum Guide

Our Curriculum

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