"MPACT is a strong partner with our N.C. Community Colleges in serving our state's manufacturing sector. They continue to support our skills needs analysis, assessment and training capabilities."
-- Maureen T. Little, N.C. Community College System Vice President of Economic Development

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Assessment Process

We provide you with an extensive listing of the 140+ standard assessments (with descriptions, subject areas covered) for your internal review. You select the assessments (by subject/topic) that best fit with your specific maintenance needs. You have the option to review with us each individual question within the selected assessments to determine what questions do or do not apply to your specific plant environment and your maintenance staff’s responsibilities (may vary by job title within the maintenance department).

When this is completed and the final assessments are approved, they are available online (password protected) for your staff to take as their schedules allow. We will set up your maintenance staff based on the information your provide, an they can begin the process.

We provide periodic reports on each individual’s progress, and when all assessments are completed, provide a final report that includes the scores and recommended courses for each individual. We provide an evaluation of each individual, plus an overall evaluation for the department that shows how each individual scored against the department average, and where they placed (below, average, above average, top percentile, etc.).

Then we work with management to schedule the recommended classes to close the “skill gap”.

Department assessment
We also have the ability to assess the entire maintenance department/process, and make recommendations to ensure that they provide a more efficient support function for the plant operations.


Our curriculum guide

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